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The SafeCharge International Group Limited conducts its business activities in 2007 and registered in the UK.They are the largest global provider of payment services, technology, and risk management solutions for online and mobile businesses. The company is positioning itself as a leader in the field of advanced payment technologies. SafeCharge has a large customer base around the world and is a trusted payment partner for its customers of various sizes. Their shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market (symbol SCH), and offices in the following countries: United Kingdom, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Israel, Germany, Austria and Ireland.
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09 February, 2018

Anon from United States of America


SafeCharge is okay.... Long process to get on board, I am find with that. The problem is that payouts do not occur consistently. They claim to do a payout every Monday. Sometimes I get it by Wednesday, other times in the next week. When they say they do payout and when they actually do the wire can be different days, even though they will still deduct the amount from the balance they owe you. I don't understand why they hold the money. Basically, from the time you make a sale, you have to wait up to 3 weeks before that sale is included in payout, and then another week or more before you get the funds wired to your account. So, you wait at least a month after making a sale before getting the money. To me, that is too long.

31 August, 2016

Henky from Indonesia


I use their services for last year and can't tell you nothing bad. I'm still having really good experience with safecharge. They have my trust, now I can blindly leave my funds in e-wallet and spend it later

20 July, 2016

Guillermo Martinez from Spain


The best payment system, that is always on the client's side. Once there was a delay in money withdrawal and I contacted the system administrator. They have called me, asked a few questions and then processed the withdrawal with a lightspeed. Excellent service!

08 April, 2016

Nenad from Serbia


I like it! Would like to wish them to expand their service and add more payment options for online games and all sorts of other entertainment. Also, it seems that most brokers have a possibility to deposit and withdraw using this system. Very nice.

22 October, 2015

Shoaib Mustafa from Pakistan


Very good payment system. I work with it for years and not a single issue for the time being. Yes, it has slightly higher rate, than most of newbies on the market, but I would pay for stability.

12 October, 2015

raul madrid from Spain


For about three years I use this payment system and very pleased with it. Very fast funds transfer, it is easy to pay for services and goods in the store, instant enrollment and even cancelled fee for recharging, very comfortable. But ... Sometimes it takes long for transferring to account, but it is not a payment system to blame, I think, it's 'cause of the payment terminal.

07 October, 2015

Nikola from Serbia


This system getting bigger and bigger each year. Though of its new variable functions, it's still have some problems with notification. I mean, you can receive notification about transaction right after it's execution or 10 hours later, when you will be sleeping. Annoying. However, more retailers begin to accept it and there are lots of terminals to cash out.

29 September, 2015

Siti Asma from Indonesia


When I transfer funds between my bank account and this payment system there are no commissions. I make more than 100 transfers per month to different accounts and it was a determining factor in choosing a payment system.

04 August, 2015

Hunor from Greece


I have account by them for 3 years already. It's easy to be used and includes everything I can desire to transfer and withdraw my funds. I also like their nmerous promos with some of my brokers. Guys, I hope you'll make soon an offer where money transfer would be comission-free ad initial deposit would be +500% :))) It would be really nice of you!

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