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TrustPay company was founded in 2009 and registered in Slovakia. The company is a licensed agency that provides payment services with effective solutions for online money transfers. The services of TrustPay include the provision of fast and secure platform for payment transactions and services that are associated with instant bank transfers (more than 60 banks across Europe), as well as connect to the payment card processing from all over the world. Their license is passported throughout the entire European Economic Area. Trust Pay is a member of SWIFT and principal member of MasterCard and VISA.
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TrustPay Reviews

04 October, 2018

Honza from Czech Republic


Terrible customer support and technical solution, stay away from this firm.

30 July, 2018

Max Daiyovich from Slovenia


Its simple and convenient interface, more or less reliable, instant operations, an excellent payment system for the internet, but for me as an experienced user its not 100% for me.

06 July, 2018

Ashtoreth from Romania


I chose this system, because it allows you to organize the reception of various payments from users, regular or one-time payments on behalf of the site owner, as well as bulk payments to accounts, purses or bank cards. Particularly convenient is the system that allows you to easily organize the sale of digital goods and do it without intermediaries.

04 June, 2017

John Loftus from United Kingdom


They are absolute thieves, they shut our payment system down. Told us to send relevant documents to their office. They continued to say send more documents. They owe us in the region of 100,000 USD and have just disappeared with the money. DO NOT USE THEM UNLESS YOU WANY YOUR MONEY STOLEN!!!! We even sent people to their address and it was just a postal address.....need I say any more.

19 January, 2016

Isaac from Spain


recently I've lost password to my account. thanks to support I worked this problem out real quick. hopefully, no money was stolen. their security measures are pretty impressive.

01 November, 2015

Peter from Netherlands


I believe it's the best service to deal with cards. Convenient, quick, and requires minimum efforts. I use it for both forex trading and business, and like it for many reasons, including its simplicity.

21 October, 2015

predrag jovanovic from Serbia


At the moment, all payment systems provide a small commission, instant transfer and good security. But there is one difference, this payment system is working in many areas where other systems do not offer their services. I work with them for a very long time and got used to them.

15 October, 2015

Oscar from Afghanistan


I am fully agree with all previous posts and all I can add to it - is my thank to developers of this payment system.) Moah))

11 October, 2015

Ramdan from Indonesia


My business could grow considerably, after I started using this payment system. Very flexible account management in addition to no restrictions on volumes and very wide operating country base made it really pleasant and profitable choice.

01 October, 2015

Xu Chang from China


I use this payment system because it provides good offers together with my main brokers. Thus, commissions get smaller whereas spreads remain the same tight. So I just use one advantage as two:) Moreover, their support is very helpful to me and kindly helped me to understand this service better. It is good, I could recommend them.

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