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Perfect Money payment system was established in 2007 in Panama, headquartered in Zurich. The company is the property of Perfect Money Finance Corp. The system is one of the most popular platforms providing services to people from all over the world. The slogan of the company: "The face of absolute perfection that crowns world virtual economy, the ideal financial institution." Perfect Money completely follows it: Lowest % for committing the transaction, only 0.5% of the deportees funds, a high level of security for the payments and the highest safety of funds to account, user-friendly and beautiful interface that allows you to instantly get to work. You can find more information on the official website of the company.
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09 May, 2018

Aujan from Australia


I sent money (a lot) using bank wire transfer, but it doesn’t appeared in my perfect money account after 8days! They say it takes up to 5business days but it’s already 8days and I started to worry about my money. They never replied my email so I can’t do anything! They just stole my money that I’ve been saving for 1 year! Be careful about their system!

01 May, 2018

Vitalii from Ukraine


They are scammers. They steal your personal data. They have so called "verification" and promise that you'll pay less fees after you did it. So, I sent them my passport, it was OK. I sent them my company details. It is also OK. Now I sent them utility bill to verify address. They claim that it is fake even it is OK. They ask to send something else. I send my governemnt issued ID with legal address. They say it is also not OK. I sent more. I sent them 6 different documents, and they didn't accept anyone. I sent the same scans to Neteller, WebMoney and even to banks, and documents were OK, just PerfectMoney found that they are fake. So, at last verification step they deny to verify you and decrease fees and cheat you, so you send them more and more documents. I am thinking now where in darknet will they sell these documents. Don't work with these scammers.

21 April, 2018

Aime Matunda Pero from Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The


Hi I have been using them to transfert my small money earnings from different payments. And I have had an issue with them. Even messages instantly replied within your account. They have perfect verification instantly sent to your regiqtered email when you are willing to access your account.

09 January, 2018

Zsolt Szunyogh from Hungary


I have made a withdraw(not small 120$) in btc and members cant controll own funds/transfers so they sent it with 4.8$ fee! This was 3 days ago and still unconfirmed! Horrible customersupport with automessages and the explanation is network overloaded! But this is lie!! They dont care about your money! They dont care anything!! BE AWARE!!

29 August, 2017

Michelle from United Kingdom


Have been trying, unsuccessfully, for days to have my account verified. My passport was accepted but each time I submitted address verification they denied it and posted the same stock message in reply...beyond frustration. They make more from unverified accounts so perhaps that's why they keep denying mine. I've given up and told them to remove my documents from their files...I don't hold out any hopes. Works well for some but not for others but as previously said, perhaps this is to ensure some people pay the higher rate. Good luck.

22 August, 2017

Khairil from Singapore


Contacted their customer support and all are auto replies gotten from them. Verification of account with them is a pain in the ass as they always give reasons that doesnt make any sense. Sent a photo of my id and passport and they still ask for a utility bill invoice with authorised signature and company stamp. We are living in a technological advanced world where most bills are computer generated that doesnt have signatures amd stamps. They seriously gotta work on their customer support and verification system. 0 stars from me.

19 July, 2017

Vitalii from Ukraine


These guys are so incompetent that they can not even register accounts. I registered and they promised me to send ID to email. They never did that. I contacted theirs "support" many times, but support is unable to send emails. The address is 100% working, I registered PayPal, WebMoney, Localbitcoins and many other websites with it. So, Perfect Money are so incompetent that can not even send emails normally, or even worse theirs server is listed in SpamHouse. So, guys, I don't work with such teams that claim that they can manage my money, but they can not even send activation email.

04 October, 2016

Bilal from Iraq


I recently had a terible experance with They have the worst customer support with auto replies and never fully answers what you ask them. They truly give you a headach and not relaible so how would someone trust them with their money. They verified my Passport, but refused to verify my account and never read all my explanations. Basically, i submitted a government address certificate since its the common way to verify an address in our country, and the utility bill are in arabic and have meter code number and not the address. I tried to explain that to them many times as you see in the attached photos but they kept repling with an auto reply they have. I gave up and asked them to delete the account that i haven't used so they wont keep my passport with them, but they refused for "security concerns". I told them i dont care about the account, but asked them to remove my passport form their data since i wont be using their services and they ignored me. Why would they want to keep my passport and not verify the account??? Worst website ever and i dont suggest anyone to deal with unproffesional support like them

03 January, 2016

DAvid from Egypt


I realy like this payment system. The interface is very smoothh and intuitive. Simple menu where you would not find hundreds of useless forms or things alike. All buttons are in the right place. Everithing is smooth and clean. Processing is fast. The best choice for me.

28 October, 2015

Darmian from Italy


Very conveniennt payment system. I use it for 3 years and did not have a single issue with it. Very fast transfers and strong security hold me with them better, than some "no-fees" staff.

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