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Payoneer payment system was registered in 2005 in the United States. The company provides its services to clients who want to get quick access to their funds from any country. You can conduct electronic transfers to more than 200 countries, in addition in any Payoneer the customer has the opportunity to get transaction into one of electronic purses, or on existing bank account. Now the Payoneer company is certainly in the list of the leading electronic payment systems and one of the solutions market leaders for electronic money transactions. You can find more information on the official website of the company.

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Payoneer Reviews

06 July, 2018

Rihards from Latvia


I have been in this system for slightly longer than three years, I own the plastic card Payoneer of the international payment system MasterCard for the same amount of time. This is a normal dollar debit card. It is released for 3 years for free, then it was also replaced for free. The card is sent by regular mail directly from the United States. I pay with her communal payments, mobile communication, several times I made purchases on the Internet. The map is accepted almost everywhere, there are exceptions, but they are few.

05 March, 2017

Mindaugas from Lithuania


Very bad app. You can not use even the main functions (make payment) until they allow you. When you contact custumer support, they tell that they do not know, when the main functions will be allowed. Beside this, the problem with currency exchange - you can not exchange money in the account, what means you have to pay for each currency account withdrawal. I would recommend not use this system. Even they pay 25 Euros for each new referals, but you will regret for every friend your refer.

14 February, 2017

Nikolaj from United Kingdom


I was unfortunately unlucky enough to process a payment on your website which then promptly was taken from my bank account. Less than a few hours after you requests for further identification including photo copy of my credit card. This I can obviously not accept and I assume that such a requirement would be fraud from anyone asking for this. Today when I am contacting your customer service, I am told that you have not reserved or taken any payment from my account, but that you can cancel the order. When I say that I can see the amount taken from my account, then your customer employee hang up on me. Subsequently I speak with your supervisor, who confirm that your company has taken the amount from my account and promises to return the amount within 7 -10 business days. When I am asking if it is normal procedure to take money from your customers account, and then after request additional requirements, then I am told that this is my banks fault. Not Payoneer. Payoneer, this is not cool behavior – this is very close to fraud and you have no right to take the money from my account and then request further information AFTER and even then keep the money for 7- 10 days if I refuse to send you a photo of my credit card.

02 November, 2016

Asif Khan from Pakistan


It's an awesome service. No extra deductions and give you good rate in money exchange.

30 October, 2015

Alexis Rodriguez from Colombia


I am a accountant of one of financial company (I will not name it, but I am talking not about this payment system) and our clients prefer to use exactly this company to make payments. Transfers are instant and fees are low. Really good services.

29 October, 2015

Mate from Canada


Noticeably convenient location of the most important components in combination with high quality and fast service. When compared to competitors, they simply do not exist. My favorite payment system flew away in front of my eyes and grew like a spider web on the largest cities of the world.

08 October, 2015

Creppa from Sweden


My funds are safe - from this moment my wife cannot use my money without my permission. Now she can use only that money, that I am giving her as cash.) And when I need to buy something I just transferring my funds to VISA card and using it.

28 September, 2015

max from Norway


I like how smooth that payment system operates. I can pay my business bills without any delays and, the most important, without any unnecessary attention. ;)

13 September, 2015



I found this system about six months ago. Since then, I use it very actively. Very pleased that they came up with amazing idea about the purse number (its your phone number). It is also worth noting that in many terminals you can refill the account without commission. Here I can state 2 positive things in my opinion: 1) transactions and refill without commission; 2) easy to remember the number of e-wallet. The only bad thing is that not all SEOs / webmasters accept payment with this payment system.

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