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OrangePay is a company that provides money transfer services to the Financial and Capital Market. The company was founded and registered in 2013, in Prague. OrangePay provides a range of services that can be of interest to customers: built-in security and risk management, Anti-fraud, chargeback control. Also the company can offer a full company registration, registration of licenses for FOREX and Gambling industry, remote opening of bank accounts and other.

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OrangePay Reviews

13 August, 2018

Maria Ray from Poland


All good, I have no problems with this payment system, reports always were sent in time, and customer service was very responsive

31 July, 2018

Davidek from Czech Republic


I found here some advantages: work with all kinds of cards, several methods of payment, fast provision of services

06 July, 2018

Yohanes from Indonesia


My job is to contact many customers. Some of them offered payment for the card of this payment system. A couple of times refused, after decided to master this payment. Registration completed successfully. The main convenience, wallets open immediately in several currencies.

28 June, 2018

Rhianna from Germany


Andro, you saying about the very big sum of money it's really terrible. Please tell the name of your company because I think it's not true. I work with this company and I can trust it

26 June, 2018

andro from Cyprus


Shitty company - don't pay attention to the good reviews on them , they are all fake, they bought them all , they dont pay in time and the stole from my company more than 200,000$

09 May, 2018

Rustam from Germany


A really good payment system I do not have any problems with payment

21 December, 2017

Andry from Ukraine


I have a long experience with this payment system, and I did not have any problems or mistakes. My card was not blocked, and all payments were performed instantly. I can even recommend this system as one of the most reliable.

13 July, 2017

Max from Russian Federation

Scam Alert

My company has been working with orangepay till they told us that they can't release our balance, because they think that there may be chargebacks on our account, even though we had none before. Orangepay gave us some payment schedules, but they never paid our money back according to these schedules. They told us that we have to process more money through their gateway and then they will let us withdraw – that just makes no sense at all.

20 June, 2017

Maria from Estonia

they always say that transfers are delayed because of the correspondent banks

12 June, 2017

Andrew from Latvia

Scam Alert

my card got blocked each time by the bank after I received my withdrawals through orangepay

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