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instant deposits, withdrawals & payouts, prepaid cards, processing of credit/debit cards, mobile payments, in-app payments
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APS Data is a data management system and processing of files created during data collection, which facilitates the process of electronic data access for users.
The main goal of the project is to facilitate long data management tasks for pool personnel, ensure the integrity and security of data. The system provides an infrastructure for organizing files containing these data sets. The system allows users to transfer or analyze their data.
VISA, Master, UnionPay for processing payments.
The program focuses on 4 basic skills of using data in APS:

  • Providing evidence for decision makers
  • Undertaking research
  • Using statistics
  • Visualising the information
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APS DATA Reviews

25 March, 2019

Walley from Norway


there are more minuses than pluses!!!!!!!

19 March, 2019

Ngyen An from Vietnam


I have been using this payment system for half a year already. Despite the fact that this is a foreign company, everything is quite clear, accessible, efficient, but expensive to maintain.

27 July, 2018

Matt from Luxembourg


they forgot to transfer money several times I use this system often, but there were also problems And since everything is fine, well, in principle, large sums of money transfer i dont advise

06 July, 2018

Justin Wey from Malaysia


I liked this service, although at first I was a little afraid to work through it, but later after several conclusions my doubts simply disappeared. This service accepts various payments, including bank cards: Visa, Master Card, etc, also accepts terminals and paid SMS messages. I really liked those support that constantly helps in case of a problem.

23 February, 2016

Jai from Australia


It has very simple and fast verification procedure. I am able to transfer my money directly to my bank accounts. It provides payment processing in a huge number of online stores all over the world and has one of the lowest commission rates i seen. I think it payment is the top.

24 January, 2016

Zurab from Georgia


I thought that this e-wallet won't handle huge amount of transaction during x-mas holidays. However, it's surprised me. there were no delays in transactions. moreover, some retail e-shops had special offers, so I saved good amount of cash.

24 September, 2015

Klaus der Stegen from Netherlands


I like this system because their terms are clean and their interface is intuitive, so, I think, anyone can use it - from young brother up to grandma.) By the way, my parents are agree with me in it - they are also prefer to use exactly this payment system's services.

25 August, 2015

Ricardo from Brazil


I use this payment system for more than 5 years. Compared to the bank it has nonexistent commissions. Transaction takes a couple of seconds! Bank - it's nice if you had to wait only a day. To my mind in the near future bank transfers with their "service" will be long lost.

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