Zilliqa network upgrade completed

Posted 16 September, 2019

The developers of the Zilliqa blockchain project reported that the network upgrade to version 5.0.0 was successfully completed. It is the largest since the launch of the network, which took place in January. It is expected that the update will speed up transaction processing and the ability to execute smart contracts.

In particular, the changes affected optimizations and bug fixes when working with the Scilla programming language used in Zilliqa. A new mechanism for determining the reputation of nodes was also introduced, which will, if necessary, remove them from performing functions much faster than provided by the protocol. Improved mechanisms for synchronizing nodes.

"Version 5.0.0 of Zilliqa is here, marking the first major post-mainnet upgrade! As promised, these solutions will enhance #smartcontract execution and transaction processing in our #blockchain," the company shared.

The ZIL cryptocurrency, once included in the top 25 largest digital assets in terms of capitalization, has significantly lost ground in the market over the past year and currently ranks 74th on the CoinMarketCap list.

The launch of the Zilliqa core network took place this January. The project flowchart uses sharding technology, which is also being implemented by Ethereum developers to solve scaling problems. Earlier this month, the ZIL app was added to the Ledger Nano S hardware wallets.  

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