Zcash to receive new update

Posted 31 May, 2018

Zcash is about to receive software update 1.1.1 with some elements of Sapling network upgrade. The update was created by the developers aimed at boosting privacy of Zcash coin. 

According to the company blog, the Sapling upgrade is slated for this September, while before this date, the team will modernize Overwinter Zcash protocol at 347500 blocks this summer.

"The first block of Overwinter will be blocked 347500, which is expected to be mined on the 25th of June 2018," stated the company. 

Overwinter, in its turn, covers version control, protection from repeated transactions for the future updates, general improvement of transparent transactions performance. Besides, it also brings a brand new feature, like transaction deadline expiration.

According to the reports, the new version Sapling will support Powers of Tau which is expected to reduce the possibility of problems while installing the application.  Besides, it will also reduce the period of transaction confirmation from 37 to 7 seconds and required memory to 40 Mb (3 Gb earlier).

The update 1.1.1 is supposed to upgrade primary consensus rules under preparation for Sapling trial.

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