Zcash developer claims money threatening with blockchain split

Posted 22 June, 2018

Just before the release of the update, one of the software developers for Windows Zcash wallet has posted claiming for the compensation otherwise he may split the network.

D. Jane Mercer started working on the project last year and lived off developer fees and donations for his work, though for now he has run out of money and worked in fact for free. As a result, he decided to make such statement about the possible split.

Specifically, he threatened that the work on the project would be stopped and Zcash competitor would be launched.

"If Mercer stopped development on the Windows wallet software, the most popular Zcash wallet software, tens to hundreds of thousands of users would have been left without a workable wallet after the Sapling upgrade," Coindesk reported.

As a result, the Zcash community gave funds for Mercer. Specifically, he received transfer of ZEC 80 (around $15,000) from several anonymous addresses.

"People have thrown enough in the kitty for a few months living expenses, so that's all well and good," Mercer stated.

With the occurred situation, the Zcash Foundation has become concerned about what is the best way to provide compensation to independent developers who play an essential role in such project.

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