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Posted 19 April, 2022

Producer prices increased by 1.4% in March compared to the previous month against the 1.1% expected.

Due to a slowdown in trading following the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and a decline in trading revenue, JP Morgan (-3.18% to 127.3) reported a 42% decline in its quarterly profit.

Bank of America (+ 3.41% to 38.85) closed the earnings season for the major Wall Street banks, announcing a less marked drop than expected in its profits in the first quarter, thanks in particular to strong growth in the Consumer credit.

Blackrock (-0.15% to 715.14), which also plans to launch its first ETFs on the Chinese market later this year and has started to recruit staff for this purpose, reported a profit quarterly better than expected.

Thanks to the strong demand for travel, Delta Air Lines (+ 6.21% to 41.02) published a net loss less significant than expected.

Google's parent company, Alphabet (+ 1.71% to 2,597.88) has announced that it wants to invest €8.7 billion in its offices and data centers in the United States this year against $7 billion a year ago.

Due to the late disclosure of the stake taken by the boss of Tesla (+ 3.59% to 1022.37) in the capital of the social network, former shareholders of Twitter (+ 3.1% to 45.85) filed a class-action lawsuit against Elon Musk, claiming they were unable to benefit from the recent rise in the stock price.

Due to its departure from Russia following the war in Ukraine, Russian Netflix users (+1.84% to 350.43) launched a class-action lawsuit against the video "streaming" platform and are claiming compensation of €670,000.

Based on a valuation of €1.75 billion, Glaxosmithkline announced the acquisition of the Sierra Oncology laboratory (+38.54% to 54.75).

Thus moving closer to its objective of securing direct control of the American telecom operator, Deutsche Telekom announced that it had acquired additional shares of T-Mobile US from Softbank (+2.59% to 134.85) for €2.2 billion.

An offer to buy Atlantia by the Benetton family and private equity group Blackstone (+2.65% to 116.44) incorporating a premium of around 30% on the average price of the last six months is in the works to be studied.

Replacing Greg Garland, to the rank of general manager, Phillips (-0.61% to 27.1) announced that he had promoted Mark Lashier, his current deputy general manager as of July 1.

The current financial director of Paypal Holdings (- 2.85% to 105.17), John Rainey was recruited by Walmart (+ 2.59% to 157.22) to occupy the same position within the supermarket chain starting June 6.

After Switzerland cleared the lab's COVID-19 vaccine for adults, Novanax stock gained 7.01% to 62.17.

Following the announcement of a doubling of its presence in Connecticut with the acquisition of seven sites in this State, the operator of cinemas AMC rose by 6.37% to 18.53.

The  Dow Jones  lost 0.11% to 34,411.69 points, the  Nasdaq Composite 0.14% to 13,332.36 points and the  S&P 500  0.02% to 4,391.69 points.

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19 April, 2022 10:23

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Deezer makes another attempt at an IPO. It will go through the SPAC I2PO already listed in Paris and with which the company has concluded a definitive merger agreement.


I2PO integrates Deezer for its listing

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19 April, 2022 09:20

Stellantis suspends production in Russia →

Stellantis announces this morning in a brief press release, the suspension of its production in Russia.

Stellantis suspends production in Russia
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