Yesterday on Wall Street

Posted 01 August, 2022

Household consumption expenditure increased by 1.1% in June against 0.9% expected. For their part, their income increased by 0.6% against 0.5% expected.

Furthermore, the annualized rate of increase in the PCE price index rose to +6.8% in total data, and more modestly to +4.8% excluding energy and food.

Apple (+3.25% to 162.47) reported higher-than-expected quarterly profit and sales on continued demand for its iPhones despite an inflationary backdrop.

Amazon (+ 10.4% to 135) announced that it anticipates a jump in its turnover for the third quarter. The American giant intends to benefit from the increase in the price of its “Prime” subscription and has compensated for the increase in delivery costs by a fuel surcharge applied to traders present on its platform.

Intel (-8.56% to 36.31) released second-quarter results below expectations due to slowing demand for its computer semiconductors. As a result, the world's second-largest semiconductor maker has lowered its annual sales and profit forecasts.

Chevron (+8.9% to 163.78) reported the largest quarterly profit in its history on the back of strong fuel margins and high natural gas and oil prices. The group has raised its share buyback forecast.

Continental Resources (+ 2.42% to 68.89) posted a quarterly profit above expectations in the wake of higher oil prices.

Procter & Gamble (- 6.18% to 138.91) unveiled an increase in its net profit of $3.05 billion against €2.941 billion a year earlier for its fourth quarter results.

Roku (-23.07% to 65.52) posted a larger than expected quarterly loss as the economic crisis weighed on its advertising business.

JP Morgan lowered its recommendations on Comcast (-4.87% to 37.49) and Spirit Airlines (-3.47% to 24.77) respectively from Neutral to Overweight and from Overweight to Underweight.

The  Dow Jones thus gained 0.97% to 32,845.18 points, the  Nasdaq Composite  1.88% to 12,390.69 points, and the  S&P 500  1.42% to 4,130.29 points. 


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