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Posted 20 July, 2022

However, the number of building permits for American housing, supposed to foreshadow future housing starts, fell slightly to 1.685M after 1.695 in May against 1.650M expected.

With the rise in the dollar has weighed on Johnson & Johnson's sales (-1.46% to 171.69) made outside the United States in the second quarter, the pharmaceutical giant lowered its profit forecast for 2022.

In order to develop its low-cost companies Flair Airlines and Bonza Airline, the investment company 777 Partners announced the purchase of 30 additional 737 MAX aircraft from the Boeing company (+ 5.69% to 156.13).

After the fall in sales of F-35 fighter jets with the pandemic and the accumulation of several exceptional charges, Lockheed Martin (+ 0.8% to 390.38) lowered its 2022 objectives for turnover and earnings per share. However, an agreement has been reached with the US Department of Defense to supply it with approximately 375 F-35 fighter jets over three years.

Thanks to strong demand for its Magic: The Gathering trading card game and a price increase, toymaker Hasbro (+0.71% to 79.98) reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit.

As soaring crude prices boosted demand for its oil services, Halliburton (+2.11% to 29.46) posted a profit up 41% in the second quarter from the first.

Twitter (+ 2.71% to 39.45) accused businessman Elon Musk of "dragging his feet" to slow down the procedure the company has launched, asking for a trial in September in order to preserve the conditions of the agreement for it to finalize its takeover for $44 billion. 

IT group IBM (-5.25% to 130.88) reported quarterly revenue above expectations but warned that a strong dollar could hit the company up to 3. $5 billion this year.

Berkshire Hathaway announced that it had purchased 1.94m additional shares in the oil group Occidental Petroleum (+4.61% to 62.82) thus approaching the threshold of 20% of its capital.

In the context of the overabundance of vaccines, Pfizer (+ 1.22% to 51.37), BioNTech (+ 2.3% to 164.73), and the Member States of the European Union are about to put themselves agreement to delay deliveries of the COVID-19 vaccine to 2024.

The  Dow Jones thus gained 2.43% to 31,827.05 points, the  Nasdaq Composite  3.11% to 11,713.15 points, and the  S&P 500  2.76% to 3,936.76 points.

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