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Posted 28 June, 2022

Sensitive to changes in interest rates, the digital giants, which fueled last week's rebound, weighed on the trend like Amazon (-2.78% to 113.22), Microsoft (-1.05% to 264.89) or Tesla (-0.32% to 734.76).

The rise in oil prices (WTI +1.8% to $109.57 a barrel), on the other hand, benefited the energy sector, in which Exxon Mobil gained 2.45% to 89.03 and Chevron 1 .93% at 147.57.

Spirit Airlines (-7.95% to 22.57) urged its shareholders to approve the merger agreement reached with Frontier Group (-11.2% to 9.36) which raised its offer for the airline, also coveted by JetBlue (+1.62% to 8.76).

Pfizer (+0.56% to 51.88) and BioNTech (+7.21% to 143.71) announced that a booster dose of new versions of their Covid-19 vaccine, modified specifically to combat Omicron, generated a higher immune response against this strain.

The Danish company Jobindex, which specializes in online job search, has filed a complaint against Alphabet / Google (-1.82% to 2,316.67) with the European authorities, accusing it of favoring its own job search service. jobs, Google for Jobs.

Mondelez International (-0.03% to 62.63) said it plans to reopen its potato and chip factory on the outskirts of Kyiv this week.

The online brokerage site Robinhood soared 14% to 9.12 dollars on the basis of information from the Bloomberg agency evoking the interest of the FTX cryptocurrency platform for a possible takeover.

The AMC theater chain jumped 13.31% to 14.13, after a weekend that saw the Elvis movie do better than expected at the box office, tying with Top Gun: Maverick, which exceeded $1 billion in revenue worldwide.

The Dow Jones thus lost 0.20% to 31,438.26 points, the Nasdaq Composite 0.72% to 11,524.55 points and the S&P 500 0.30% to 3,900.11 points.

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