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Posted 03 June, 2022

Lael Brainard hinted that there would be no break in key rate hikes in September. Futures markets are now projecting three, not two, half-point rises in June and July, but also in September, before considering a pause or a slowdown.

The private sector created fewer jobs than expected in May, registering 128,000 job creations against the 300,000 expected.

The weekly jobless claims fell again the week of May 23 to 200,000 against 210,000 expected.

Oil appreciated (WTI + 1.4% to $116.87 a barrel), despite the surprise announcement by OPEC+ of a higher than expected increase in its production quotas from July.

Due to the impact of exchange rates, Microsoft (+0.79% to 274.58) lowered its objectives for the 4th quarter.

After announcing the cessation of deliveries of its Kindle e-reader to distributors located in China, Amazon (+ 3.15% to 2,510.22) said that it would stop selling e-books on the Chinese market next year.

Meta Platforms (+ 5.42% to 198.86), announced the departure of Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of the group for 14 years, and appointed Javier Olivan who will be the new COO.

The day after the publication of quarterly results below expectations, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise corrected 5.2% to 14.96.

After posting better-than-expected quarterly revenue, Gamestop gained 10.38% to 134.

Piper Sandler lowered her Snap stock recommendation (+6.96% to 14.9) from Overweight to Neutral and lowered her price target from $30 to $18.

The  Dow Jones thus gained 1.33% to 32,248.28 points, the  Nasdaq Composite  2.69% to 12,316.90 points, and the  S&P 500  1.84% to 4,176.82 points.

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