Withdrawal suspension in Japan pushes cryptocurrencies down

Posted 26 January, 2018

Cryptocurrencies are sliding on the withdrawal suspension by Coincheck, one of the major bitcoin platform in Japan.

Moreover, similar measures have been applied to other digital coins, as reads statement of  Coincheck. Notably, the exchange does not accept new investments in NEM token as well.

There are no comments on the reasons of these steps, though the platform representative said that they would give all details on this matter somewhat latter. The unconfirmed data shows that it was withdrawn from the exchange NEM token for some $600 million and Ripple for $123.5 million earlier. However, this is just rumors so far.

Over the day Bitcoin has lost 7% to $10,568 and Ripple – 12.2%. The tenth major cryptocurrency in market value – NEM – posted some 17,5% plunge in price over the day, according to the sources.

The observed situation with Coincheck looks quite similar to that recorded on Mt Gox which faced malware attack and lost 850,000 bitcoins at once and declared bankruptcy.

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26 January, 2018 15:20

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