VIU trading suspended on OKEx

Posted 08 November, 2018

OKEx has notified users about the suspension of VIU-USDT trading due to a violation of the listing requirements after the system update. The funds can be withdrawn from the platform.

The VIU-USDT is the only trading pair of VIU available on the OKEx exchange now. Specifically, earlier the company delisted Bitcoin and Ethereum getting rid of low-margin trading pairs. 

The company stated in the notice:

"We will cancel all pending orders immediately and return all the assets to users’ trading account.  We strongly recommend you to withdraw your VIU tokens to your wallet or to a supported trading platform as soon as possible. For VIU token registration details, please contact the project team".

For reference, VIU is the token of Viuly company that offers a decentralized platform of video content. The token was distributed via airdrop, which covered 900,000 Ethereum-wallets in December last year. As the company stated, they have checked the wallets and decided that the bulk of the wallets that took part in the airdrop did show any activity. With such results, the project team developed a new smart contract to withdraw inactive tokens. Meanwhile, users reportedly had to exchange old tokens to new one till November 1 otherwise they might lose their tokens.

However, the company refused to re-list tokens on OKEx in line with the requirements. The reasons behind such a decision are unknown. It is worth mentioning that they re-listed VIU on IDEX in early November.

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08 November, 2018 18:04

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Bitsy company is reportedly ready to grant public access to the beta of its products – cryptocurrency exchange and wallet beginning from November 12. The new products will be available for Android and iOS devices and users can easily download the apps from the corresponding markets for free.  During the testing period, users will be able to trade and hold bitcoins, as the company noted. In addition, they will benefit from the service for crypto transfers service.

Bitsy announces public beta of new products

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08 November, 2018 14:52

France about to revise taxation for crypto sector →

The French officials have revised the 2019 budget draft making crypto profit equal to the capital one. The proposal has been accepted by the lower chamber of the French Parliament, so now this amendment is subject to the approval of the upper chamber. The Parliament will hold the meeting next week with one of the agenda items to be consideration of this proposal. For now, crypto asset holders face 36,2% tax, including fixed tax and social insurance (19%; 17.2% respectively), while the new tax will be set at 30% in case of the positive determination. France has now three effective taxes covering one-time, regular deals and miners.

France about to revise taxation for crypto sector
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