Vietnam exchange VinDAX loses crypto assets worth $5,00,000

Posted 08 November, 2019

Vietnam-based cryptocurrency exchange VinDAX got hacked three days ago, losing almost half a million dollars in the theft. This information about the hack was released on the official Telegram channel of VinDAX. The funds lost by the exchange were spread across 23 different cryptocurrencies.

VinDAX is a small cryptocurrency, but analysis highlighted that the platform has about 390,000 visitors in a month, with 65% of the visitors on this Asian crypto exchange from India.

A company spokesman added that the aftermath of the attack was eliminated and the exchange recovered. However, no details were provided. On official VinDAX channels, there is no information about the recent hack.

As it became known later, VinDAX sent requests to hacked token projects with a request for funds. The exchange administration asks to provide a debt of 30-100% of the stolen amount so that the platform can continue to operate normally.

"Please lend us an amount of your token/coin equal to 30%-100% the amount that was stolen in the last accident so that we can address the withdrawal request of the users that are related to your token/coin.”

A few days ago, the founder and staff of the Canadian exchange Einstein Exchange hid, users lost access to their assets. Customer damage amounted to $ 16 million.

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