US users lead by number of visits to crypto exchanges

Posted 03 June, 2019

According to a study conducted by analyst Larry Cermak, it turned out that US citizens are leading the world in the number of visits to cryptocurrency trading platforms - they account for 24.5% of all traffic. In second place is Japan, with an indicator of 10%. In third place - South Korea with values ​​of 6.5%. The top five also included Indonesia and India.

Meanwhile, a completely different rating is obtained if you rank users of crypto exchanges by their share of the total population in a particular country.

According to this criterion, the leaders are Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, and Norway. It is noticeable that the smaller the population of the country, the more naturally there are more chances to become leaders in this rating. A special moment is South Korea: it is in second place in this ranking, which means that the degree of penetration of cryptocurrency into the lives of citizens of this country is very high. At least, it is more than in Japan, which took sixth place in the second case.

At the same time, Larry Cermak notes that the share of some countries in the first and second versions of the rating may be higher in reality, because, for example, in China some Internet users try to bypass the “Great Internet Wall” installed by official Beijing a ban on trading activity in the field of digital assets.

In addition, the analyst came to the conclusion that the proportion of the population that participates in cryptocurrency trade correlates with whether the country is “secured” and whether it is experiencing economic growth: the greater the indicator of the involvement of citizens in the digital assets trade, the more likely that the economy of such a state flourishes and develops.

Direct dependence of interest in cryptocurrencies on the GDP per capita was also found. The data showed that poorer countries do not trade cryptocurrencies to the same extent as rich ones.

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OKEx has completed the launch of the USDT stablecoin
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