US government return supports US dollar upticks, Japanese yen down

Posted 23 January, 2018

The US dollar has posted some gains vs the majors today since the US government has finally backed to the office.

At the Monday voting the US Congress approved the provisional funding of the government till February 8, while today the US President Donald Trump has signed the bill putting a period to the government shutdown.

After some upturn during the Asian session earlier today, Japanese yen has decreased again enabling the US dollar to offset a decline. The Japanese currency weakened on the statement by the head of the Bank of Japan about the need for maintaining soft monetary policy given the target 2% inflation yet to be achieved. As a result, the US dollar-to-yen exchange rate improved reaching the session top at 111.16 and then slipped to some 111.02.

The US Dollar index added 0.16% coming to 90.28. For reference, the 3-year bottom was detected at 89.96 at the end of last week.

The European currency rolled back vs the greenback – EUR-USD dropped 0.13% to 1.2247 (3-year high was recorded at 1.2323). The euro keeps enjoying good demand on the upcoming meeting of the European Central Bank this week.

The sterling-to-US dollar exchange rate decreased by 0.21% to 1.3955. Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar to US currency decreased to 0.7960 (0.67%) and 0.7309 (0.25%) respectively.

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23 January, 2018 14:50

← Seoul's stricter policy pushes cryptocurrencies down further

On Tuesday, January 23, cryptocurrencies have continued drifting downwards on Seoul's tightening of crypto trading policy. On the Bitfinex, the price for bitcoin was detected at $10,449.00 today ($10,141.00 yesterday). As for the Ripple, it was priced at $1.25 on the Poloinex (9% d-o-d). The new series of the decline resulted from the statement of Korea's regulators.

Seoul's stricter policy pushes cryptocurrencies down further

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23 January, 2018 12:03

Japanese yen slightly up vs US dollar and euro at Asian session →

The Japanese yen has moderately increased vs the US dollar and the euro during the Asian session today. The upturn was driven by the results of the recent meeting of the Bank of Japan. At the same time, the US dollar to the euro is steady. By Monday morning EUR-USD rate reached $1.2264 ($1.2262 a day before). The US dollar vs yen dropped to 110.79 (110.92) and the euro – to 135.89 (136.01)...

Japanese yen slightly up vs US dollar and euro at Asian session
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