US dollar up vs euro, yen and sterling

Posted 16 January, 2018

The US Dollar index is reportedly rising on Tuesday after the decline over the previous four sessions.

ICE index went up by 0.2%, after touching a 3-year bottom earlier.

As traders believe, the current rebound is a break in active dollar sales, reported a source.

The US dollar-to-euro exchange rate has been minimal since December 2014, which is explained by shifting of traders’ attention from the Federal Reserve to the European Central Bank.

The day before the European currency got support from the statement of ECB’s Board member about a possible complete shutdown of asset buyout programme after September, sources said. 

Monetary tightening in any country always bolsters the national currency of that country via promoting investments.

For now, euro to US dollar fell to $1.2224 ($1.2264 at the previous close).

The sterling is weakening on the inflation data and has decreased to $1.3756 ($1.3792).

As for Japanese yen, US dollar improved to JPY 110.75 (JPY 110.54 a day before); the euro dipped to JPY 135.37 (135.56).  

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17 January, 2018 12:26

← US dollar posts gains, Euro stable on recent hikes

US dollar has strengthened vs the majors on Wednesday. The European currency has taken a break having exceeded the peak over more than 3 years during the night trading on the forecasts of possible cancelation of stimulus programme by the European Central Bank. The euro-to-US dollar rate decreased 0.31% to 1.2222, following a night upturn to 1.2323.  

US dollar posts gains, Euro stable on recent hikes

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16 January, 2018 16:20

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Chinese official presses for a ban on centralized crypto trading
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