US dollar trims gains but remains generally strong

Posted 10 May, 2018

By the end of the week, the US dollar has trimmed gains against the majors. However, the rate remains close to the peaks benefiting from possible interest rate increase in the country.

The US Dollar index decreased today to some 92,75.

The yield of 10Y state-bonds was seen at some 2.975, while earlier the rate crossed the important line of 3% reaching 2018 high at 3.035%.

The market is waiting for the consumer price inflation data in the USA. The experts believe the core inflation is likely to go up in the released report. At the same time, higher inflation may promote earlier interest rate revision, taking into account the previous outlook.

US dollar-to-yen exchange rate weakened to some 109.65 pulling away from the 3-month peak of 110.03 recorded in early May.

The European currency to US dollar rose to 1.1873. At the same time, the sterling has posted some weakening against the greenback reaching 1.3514. The sterling remains depressed by the upcoming BoE meeting to take place today. According to the market experts, the regulator is unlikely to revise the rate.

New Zealand dollar went down to 0.6929, while the Australian got stronger against its American counterpart coming to 0.7488.

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10 May, 2018 15:19

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