US dollar to euro almost unchanged, yen posts first weakening over 6 sessions

Posted 16 January, 2018

US dollar stays practically unmoved to euro being close to a 3-year bottom during the Tuesday session. At the same time, Japanese yen has reportedly posted a decline for the first time over six sessions, otherwise the Bank of Japan and the government may take steps to restrict yen hikes, as traders believe.

For now euro has been at $1.2263 against $1.2264 at the close of the previous session in New York.

The euro posted fresh peaks last week and analysts expect further strengthening, as sources said. According to the US CFTC, net long positions in euro hiked from 127,900 to 144,700, which means that the market bets some $21.5 billion on the further euro upturn.

Hedge funds practically doubled short positions in USD vs the currency basket of developing and developed countries from $5.4 billion to $10.1 billion and hitting an all-time high since late October.

Euro to yen increased from 135.56 to 135.94, while US dollar to yen reached 110.85 (110.54 earlier).

In the words of Tokai Tokyo Research Center's currency expert, along with psychological perspective, $1 = JPY 110 is also essential since the recent Central Bank's business survey showed estimates mostly near that line.  

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16 January, 2018 12:21

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The main cryptocurrencies (in particular, bitcoin, Ethereum, and ripple) have slumped in price on Tuesday. On the Bifinex, bitcoin changed hands at $12,106.00 (10.96% down d-o-d). The price for the second key currency in terms of market value – Ethereum – moved down to $1,127.7. For reference, Ethereum hit an all-time high at $1,423.20 this weekend.

Cryptocurrencies post a price slump

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15 January, 2018 18:11

Decline in USD-CAD slower, pressure persists →

The decline of the US dollar-to-Canadian dollar rate has slowed down on Monday amid weaker demand for currencies (including CAD) caused by cheaper oil. At the same time, American currency keeps facing heavy pressure. The USD to CAD exchange rate dropped by 0.26% to 1.2428 today. During the Monday session, it was also recorded an all-time low of 1.2406.

Decline in USD-CAD slower, pressure persists
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