US dollar stronger, insiders focus on Federal Reserve meeting

Posted 13 June, 2018

The US dollar has peaked against the Japanese yen on Wednesday. Trading saw no dramatic changes today on anticipated Federal Reserve meeting, which could unveil the number of the interest rate revisions in the USA for 2018.

The regular monthly meeting of the US Central Bank will take place on Wednesday, and is expected to be marked by the second increase in the rate this year. The players are said to be in a witing mode striving to see the hints whether the Federal Reserve is ready to revise the rate four times this year amid steady economic expansion.

The US Dollar index rose to some 93.90 for now. 

The euro showed no clear movement staying at some $1.1748, following the previous weakening by some 0.4%.

Further short-term euro development is likely to depend on the results of the US regulator meeting and the meeting of the European Central Bank slated for the second half of the week. For reference, the European currency peaked at some $1.1840 driven by the rumours that the Central Bank can shut down asset-buying programme. However, the currency has lost its advantageous positions.

The US dollar-to-yen exchange rate hiked to some 110,61, while earlier it touched the record high at 110.68 since late May.

As for other currencies, the sterling decreased to some 1.3360 ($1.3424 earlier) and Australian dollar did not change much with trading recorded at $0.7573.

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13 June, 2018 12:06

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