US dollar still down vs the majors

Posted 22 January, 2018

Despite slight rebound in the first half of Monday, US dollar has generally remained weak vs the majors today. The pressure on the greenback came from the US government shutdown on the weekend.

As it was reported earlier, the US government suspended work beginning from Saturday since the Senate failed to come to terms on the funding programme, including the immigrants and border protection issues. The voting for the provisional funding of the government till February 8 is to take place later today. Yet, it remains a mystery whether the bill gets enough votes or not.

The US Dollar index (US dollar capacity vs 6 majors) decreased 0.25% to 90.26. For reference, the 3-year bottom stands at 89.96.

The euro and sterling posted gains vs the US dollar. In particular, EUR-USD rose 0.25% to 1.2253 and GBP-USD – 0.31% to 1.3902.

Notably, the euro rate has been bolstered by the reports about the start of talks on coalition creation in Germany.

The yen was stable to the US dollar at 110.69. At the same time, US dollar to the franc lost 0.30% to 0.9597.

The US dollar also weakened vs its Canadian counterpart reaching 1.2471.  

The Australian and New Zealand dollar rebounded to 0.8010 and 0.7306 respectively.

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← Digital coins post new slump

New selloff round has started on the crypto market amid tougher trading rules on Monday. On the Bitfinex bitcoin changed hands at $10,514.00 today. The previous session top-price was recorded at $11,886.00. Following BTC, Ethereum fell in price to $960.9 (13% down) over the same period. The Ripple price on the Poloinex dropped 14% to $1.21.

Digital coins post new slump

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Slack US dollar supports euro recovery →

The European currency rebounds on Monday. The positive euro performance is related to anticipations that the European Central Bank will not revise monetary policy after this-week meeting. Specifically, the euro rate has gained 0.2% to $1.2249 today, coming to a 3-year top of $1.2323. In this situation, some large investors revised euro outlook upwards seeing sluggish US dollar affected by ...

Slack US dollar supports euro recovery
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