US dollar still at high ebb after the labor report

Posted 07 May, 2018

The US dollar has remained close to 2018 high. The market remained confident in the stability of US economy after the release of the labor and salary data in the USA. Still, some pressure on the currency can come from resumed trade tensions.

The US Dollar index was recorded at 92.61 Monday morning, while last Friday the rate peaked at 92.90. The index has reportedly been on the rise for three weeks in a row even despite mixed data in the USA.

In April, the number of new jobs was lower than expected, while earnings per hour added just 0.1% m-o-m and 2.6 up y-o-y.

The unemployment rate fell t 3.9%, posting the lowest level over 17.5 years. However, such results are related to the fact that some unemployed people left the labor market.

According to the Friday reports, it is still expected that the Federal Reserve is likely to revise the rate at least two or even three times in 2018.

The euro to the US dollar rate was seen at 1.1940. The pair touched the bottom at 1.1910 last Friday. Earlier investors refused from dollar buying due to Donald Trump's protectionism. Some insiders expect that the trade war fears can reenter market since the Washington-Beijing talks failed to be fruitful.

The sterling against the greenback stayed at 1.3541. The US dollar to yen changed slightly reaching 109.22. 

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The major crypto information source – CoinMarketCap – has deleted the link of website in its bitcoin-related page, as reported news media. The resource is yet to make any official statements on this matter, though it seems that such move can be explained by the recent claims that provided distorted information hiding in BCH as BTC. no longer listed on CoinMarketCap BTC page

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XRP investor at law with Ripple company →

One of XRP investors has lodged a class action suit against Ripple company, citing that the latter broke the federal law about securities and California law after opening ICO.
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XRP investor at law with Ripple company
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