US dollar somewhat rebounds on Thursday

Posted 19 April, 2018

US dollar posted some gains on Thursday amid slacker sterling affected by the weak retail report.

The US Dollar index reached some 89,40 today.

US dollar to yen exchange rate went up to 107.41. The greenback has been depressed by trade tensions lately. Investors, in their turn, choose Japanese yen for investing as a safe haven when seeing political or economic instability. 

According to the news reports, the US President and Japanese Prime Minister held a meeting in Florida this week. As a result, the parties agreed to enhance trade consultations. Specifically, Donald Trump intends to sign the bilateral trade agreement with Tokyo and is ready to revise import duties on steel and aluminum in case of positive determination.

The sterling against the US dollar went down on the March retail report in the UK, though by now the rate improved to 1.4236 by now. For reference, the retail sales figures decreased by 1.2% in March, compared to the February rise by 0.8%.

The report pushed sterling down, as the below-expectations results left in doubt further monetary policy of BOE.

The European currency rose to some 1.2380.

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20 April, 2018 11:45

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The end of the week was marked by the reports about new digital token and ICO. South Korea's Bithumb, the major crypto trading platform, has announced that it intends to create its own token Bithumb Coin under ICO. According to the media, Korean exchange followed China's Huobi that Huobi token this January. The company will reportedly hold ICO in Singapore, considering the ban in South Korea.

Bithumb about to hold ICO in Singapore

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18 April, 2018 14:30

Sterling falls to bottom driven by inflation report →

The sterling has touched the session's bottom on Wednesday given a year-low inflation rate recorded in March which makes interest rate upturn by BOE less possible in May. The sterling to US dollar exchange rate was seen at 1.4209 (1.4275 earlier). In the pair with the European currency, the sterling slackened as well – euro reached some 0.8711.

Sterling falls to bottom driven by inflation report
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