US dollar somewhat lower with euro getting stable

Posted 03 July, 2018

The US dollar has slightly decreased against the majors Tuesday morning. At the same time, euro generally stabilised amid the settlement of the migration issue in Germany.

The US Dollar Index slipped to some 94.56, after a 0.45% upturn before.

The European currency stayed near $1,1644 following the previous slackening. Yesterday, the euro weakened due to the statement of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Germany about his possible resignation. However, the leading parties managed to come to terms and agreed to limit the inflow of illegal migrants to the country.

The yuan rate kept fluctuating given the fears regarding the launch of import duties on Chinese products in the USA. The rate decreased to 6.7204 against the greenback, touching the bottom since August 2017, though later yuan rebounded to 6.7035.

Australia dollar rose to 0.7372, with the Reserve Bank of Australia leaving the interest rate unchanged. Moreover, the regulator expectedly indicated that it did not plan to make a revision in the near term.

The US dollar against the Japanese yen increased to 111.00 driven by positive economic reports in the USA, a higher yield of the state bonds and the Wall Street upturn.

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