US dollar slow to move facing persisting trade war fears

Posted 28 March, 2018

The US dollar shows minimal changes on Wednesday given persisting trade tensions in the world. Washington and representatives of the European countries discussed measures against Beijing's economic policy.

The US Dollar index improved to 89.15, while earlier it had posted a month-low at some 88.9.

The sterling went up against the US dollar coming to 1.4176. Australian dollar stays at 0.7681 so far.

At the same time, the European currency decreased vs the greenback to $1.2394, which is probably related to weak economic data in euro-area.  The US dollar to Japanese yen increased to some 105.65.

The greenback's rebound is related to the expectations that the USA and China will eventually manage to come to terms during the talks and the world will not face the trade war.

As reported Reuters, US President Donald Trump had a phone call with French and German leaders regarding the economic policy followed by China. As a result, it is quite possible that the situation can escalate with this background.

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