US dollar slightly rebounds in midweek, sterling stable after Brexit vote

Posted 16 January, 2019

The US dollar shows moderate strengthening in the middle of the week. The greenback gained some positions vs the euro making use of the political uncertainties in the USA. At the same time, the sterling has somewhat stabilized after the previous pre-vote fluctuations.

The ICE index decrease by some 0.1% on Wednesday. 

The euro-to-US dollar exchange rate was at some $1.1410 ($1.1413 earlier). At the same time, the yen got stronger vs the greenback with the US dollar to yen rate reaching some 108.50. 

The sterling showed the generally stable rate at $1.2876 with upward movements.

The results of the Brexit vote that took place yesterday showed that the Parliament decided not to support May's draft agreement of the UK departure from the EU. As a result, the UK Parliament may face the vote of nonconfidence to be considered today. 

Meanwhile, in the USA, Washington keeps facing disputes regarding government funding. In particular, the country has been without the government for 26 days already, which is the longest shutdown that was recorded ever in the USA. According to the reports, the US President Donald Trump called the leaders of both factions in the House of Representatives to discuss a possible way out. At the same time, the Democratic party declined the invitation. 

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Constantinople hard fork faces delay affected by security vulnerability

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Totle completes private funding round with $1 million investment
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