US dollar slightly gains grounds vs euro on Friday

Posted 05 July, 2019

The US dollar posted some gains during the Asian trading at the end of the week. The greenback improved vs the euro, though the market is waiting for the unemployment report in the USA to be unveiled today.

According to the market data, the euro has lost grounds against the American currency with the rate reaching some $1.1272. At the same time, the previous trading was closed near $1.1285.
The US dollar posted positive dynamics vs the Japanese currency as well. The US dollar-to-yen exchange rate was recorded at 107.92 (107.8 earlier).

For now, traders are focused on the June labour market report in the USA. The US Labour Department will publish the report later today.

As the market experts forecast, the US labour market will keep showing the lowest jobless rate at 3.6%, while annual salaries upturn will go up to 3.2%. Some other analytics showed a less significant rise that expected in the number of new jobs in the US private sector.

The number of new jobs in June rose by 102,000 following the May increase of 41,000. At the same time, the forecasts were voiced at 140,000 up.

The Labour Department released the report in the middle of the week saying that the number of people that filed for unemployment benefit decreased by 8,000 last week to 221,000. 
Along with labour market data, the US Trade Department reported increasing foreign trade balance by 8.4% in May to $55.5 billion. 

Notably, trading was slow yesterday since the US markets were on the national holiday yesterday celebrating the Independence Day.

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Oil bechmarks follow different trends on Friday

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