US dollar slightly down in mid week

Posted 04 September, 2019

The US dollar showed some fluctuations at the Asian session in the middle of the week.

The US Dollar index generally decreases.

As the market data showed, the euro gained grounds against the US dollar with the rate reaching some $1.0985, while the previous session was closed near $1.0974.

At the same time, the greenback improved in the pair with the Japanese yen. The exchange rate was recorded at 106.20 (105.94 earlier).

The pound sterling also rebounded. Today's rate was at $1.2150, compared to $1.2081 recorded a day before.

The market remained focused on the escalating tensions between two major economies in the world – the USA and China.

At the same time, the players have got one more issue to watch for. In the UK, MPs voted for a review of the draft law that will not let the government to Brexit without preliminary agreement with Brussels. As a result, the pound has got some support.

According to the voting results, 301 out of 328 MPs voted for this law. The backers of the law want to press for rescheduling of the Brexit for another 3 months till January 31 2020. Such a scenario can help to avoid no-deal Brexit.

Meanwhile, the current UK Prime Minister Bors Johnson stated that he would insist on holding extra elections in case of positive determination on this draft.

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04 September, 2019 14:12

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