US dollar rise slower in mid-week

Posted 10 October, 2018

The US dollar stays generally strong in mid-week.

The US Dollar index rose to 95.41. For reference, the highest level of the past 7 weeks was recorded at 95.84 yesterday.

The US Treasuries yield is at 3.225, slightly below the previously achieved peak over 7.5 years. However, the greenback remains in demand fueled by the anticipated faster revision of the interest rate.

The US dollar-to-yen rate increased to 113.22. The euro has not changed much against the US dollar, reaching now $1.1492, while yesterday it touched a multi-week bottom. The sterling-to-US dollar rate slightly improved to 1.3147 getting some support from the recent reports that Brexit terms could be agreed next week.

Demand for US Treasuries soared amid the expected further increase of the interest rate this December as well as in 2019 driven by a positive economic state in the country.

As for the euro, the negative impact keeps coming from the still unsettled budget issue, as the Italian and EU representatives are yet to come to terms regarding the Italian budget for the next three years. In particular, the proposed draft budget conflicts with the EU requirements due to excessive deficit level and heavy debt burden. In this situation, Italian state bonds yield went up, as the players fear that higher state debt would shake the economic stability.

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← US officials make proposal for stricter measures against El Petro

The US officials have put forward a draft bill to tighten measures against El Petro coin, the national cryptocurrency in Venezuela. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government keeps promoting the coin. It has been proposed to extend Donald Trump's order as of March 2018, which in fact bans US residents from providing any assistance and means for the promotion of El Petro. The officials call the bill as a humanitarian help to the Venezuelan people and Venezuelan migrants to overcome the economic crisis in the country and begin economic reconstruction. At the same time, the Venezuelan government does not worry about US sanctions. Moreover, earlier these measures were considered by the Venezuelan government as a free advertisement of the coin.

US officials make proposal for stricter measures against El Petro

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ViaBTC holds first major Bitcoin Cash-based ICO →

Crypto mining pool ViaBTC floated the first major ICO via Wormhole and Bitcoin Cash blockchain this Monday. The company offered ViaBTC Token (VIAT) and managed to get $30 million just in about 2 hours after the launch of the ICO. The total offer amounted to 2 billion of coins, with 750 million being already allocated during the offering round. The new asset is said to open access to extra services, in particular as a benefit-token, a "gas" or a way to transfer the asset value. The users can use the token for additional discounts for mining fees as well as exclusive client support. Moreover, as the company pointed out, mining accessories, gifts or boosting services can be booked for VIATs. In addition, VIAT will be released via so-called duo mining model, which means that miners may receive VIATs along with mining pool rewards.

ViaBTC holds first major Bitcoin Cash-based ICO
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