US dollar reverses direction after hikes

Posted 06 February, 2018

The US dollar has reversed on Tuesday and started slackening vs the majors. The market has taken a break for a while, especially considering the recent dollar's jump on US reports.

As it was reported, positive impact on the American currency came from the optimistic non-farm payrolls posted last Friday. Specifically, the January data showed that it was created 200,000 new jobs, while experts had expected 184,000. The unemployment rate stayed in line with the forecast at 4.1%; average hourly earnings added 0.3% over the period under review.

Soaring salaries can be considered as a sign of faster inflation, which is likely to force the Federal Reserve to revise interest rate earlier in 2018.

The US Dollar index showed a decline to 89.37 in the first half of the day, but then slightly improved reaching 89.66 for now.

The euro and sterling improved vs the US dollar – EUR-USD was some 1.2400 (0.26% up) and GBP-USD reached 1.3984 (0.19% up).

In the yen was generally stable at 109.01 vs the dollar and the franc weakened to 0.9372.

The Australian dollar lost some grounds to 0.7857. For reference, Australia's Reserve Bank maintained interest rate at 1.5%.  

NZD-USD rose to 0.7307, while USD-CAD changed somewhat coming to 1.2531.

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06 February, 2018 16:09

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