US dollar resumes rising

Posted 07 February, 2018

In the course of Wednesday, the American currency has resumed rising against the majors offsetting the previous weakening, but the size of the upturn is limited on persisting fears of investors caused by the recent stock market disruption.

The market was filled with by the pessimism on the Friday stock market meltdown after the optimistic US labor report that fueled fears about higher inflation leading to increasing yields of state bonds.

Dow Jones Industrials posted an all-time daily decline on Monday. However, the US stock exchanges improved the next day driving the US dollar down.

The US Dollar index reached 89.74. The euro and sterling decreased vs the US dollar to $1.2351 and 1.3910 respectively.

At the same time, the Japanese yen increased – USD-JPY dropped to 109.09. The US dollar to the franc went up to 0.9385.

The USD to CAD climbed up to 1.2515.

AUD and NZD to USD pairs also trimmed gains reaching 0.7869 and 0.7314 respectively.

Notably, the market awaits the monetary decision of New Zealand's Reserve Bank to be announced tomorrow. According to the reports, it is expected that the Bank will leave interest rate at 1.75%.

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08 February, 2018 11:36

← US dollar shows poor decline vs euro

The US dollar barely weakens vs the euro at the Asian session today. The greenback leaped yesterday after the Senate managed to come to terms on the budget issue. Under the agreement, the spending for defense and certain social programmes will be increased in the next two years. As a result, the stand-off that discredited normal financing of the current government operation may come to an end.

US dollar shows poor decline vs euro

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the rise after recent slump →

After the recent slump bitcoin is regaining grounds on Wednesday in light of the better situation in the US stock markets. On the Bitfinex bitcoin was seen at $7,845.50 today. Yesterday, the price moved below $6,000 posting the bottom from the end of last year. However, the February weakening is some 23%. Ethereum reached $791, while Ripple coin changed hands at $0.75.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the rise after recent slump
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