US dollar in black on Friday

Posted 28 September, 2018

The US dollar shows positive dynamics at the end of the week. The currency is strengthening against the majors and already posted 9-month peaks in the pairs with the yen. The greenback has got support from the optimistic US economic outlook and US Federal Reserve plans to keep tightening the policy.

According to the released data, the USA raised GDP in Q2 2018 by 4.2% y-o-y, which considered to be the biggest upturn over the past four years.

The US Dollar index moved up to 94.70.

On Friday morning the US dollar-to-yen was recorded at 113.41, following the hike to 113.64 recorded yesterday. The euro lowered vs the US dollar reaching some $1.1617.
The sterling slightly weakened to 1.3066 from $1.3081 observed a day before.

After the US Federal Reserve meeting, the market is waiting for the release of the preliminary euro-area inflation report to make clear whether the figures come in line with Mario Draghi's position or not.

The US dollar has been bolstered by a slower decline in US Treasuries yield. Specifically, the yield plunged just after a further increase in the interest rate this Wednesday.

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