US dollar improves against main currencies

Posted 27 March, 2018

The US dollar has reversed on Tuesday and posted gains vs the majors. At the same time, euro and sterling touched session's bottom on softer fears of US-China trade war, the news reports read.

The US Dollar index rose to some 88.95 for now (88.57 a day ago).

The situation around the trade war between the USA and China has eased somewhat after two countries were reported to hold non-public negotiations on better access to Chinese market for the USA.

With lower fears that the world can witness the stand-off between two major economies in the market, demand for the greenback has rebounded.

The European currency decreased against the US dollar to some 1.2416. According to the euro-area reports, the business confidence in the region worsened more than expected this month. The data showed that consumer and business confidence moved down to 112.6 (forecast – 113.4).

The sterling dropped to 1.4105 in the pair with the US dollar; euro to sterling rose to 0.8792.

The US dollar improved to Japanese yen, reaching 105.66 today. At the same time, the Japanese currency has started weakening due to the statement of the ex-Financial Ministry official, saying that he received no instructions to change sale documents came neither from Prime Minister Abe, nor his wife, nor Finance Minister. For reference, this scandal affected Abe's positions significantly – investors doubted whether he can follow his policy further or not.

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South Korea's Kakao to launch own blockchain

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Prices for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies down amid reports about LitePay shutdown
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