US dollar generally stable amid fears of import duty launch in USA

Posted 05 March, 2018

The US dollar stays generally stable vs the majors. Traders are concerned about the announced imposition of import duties on steel and aluminum in the USA.

The US dollar sentiments softened once Donald Trump announced last week plans to impose import duties on steel and aluminum (25% and 10% respectively) striving to protect national producers. As a result, the market became concerned about possible trade wars that could affect the US economy. 

The US Dollar index was at some 89.95. 

The euro showed just slight changes vs the US dollar coming to some $1.2320. At the same time, the sterling improved to $1.3815.

The markets are now unstable due to the recent elections in Italy that took place last Sunday after which none of the leading parties managed to get the majority in the Parliament.

The yen and franc went up in the pair with the US dollar. As a result, USD-JPY and USD-CHF rates were recorded at 105.56 and 0.9365. Meanwhile, Australian and New Zealand dollars dropped to 0.778 and 0.7219. The USD-CAD pair rebounded to 1.2892.

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05 March, 2018 17:58

← Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies resume rising

After the Sunday decline, the leading digital coin restored positions coming back to the $11,500 area. Investors paid some attention to the statement of the BOE's Chairman but did not focus on it. In the second half of the day, bitcoin changed hands at $11,524 on the Bitfinex (3% up). Ethereum rose in price to $864.20 on this exchange.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies resume rising

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05 March, 2018 12:29

Cryptocurrencies weaken over weekend →

After hitting $11,500 bitcoin trimmed gains on Sunday, followed by other major digital coins. The leading cryptocurrency in terms of market value changed hands on the Bitfinex at $11,130 over the period under review (1.85% down from the Saturday's peak at $11,526). Ethereum, the second major coin, decreased n price to some $843, while Ripple was at around $0.89 (1.5% down).

Cryptocurrencies weaken over weekend
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