US dollar firms up further vs the majors on positive employment data

Posted 02 February, 2018

The greenback has gathered pace vs the majors today boosted by the positive employment data released on Friday. The data showed that the number of new jobs beat expectations in January supporting the economic upturn outlook.

According the reports, it was created 200,000 new jobs over the period under review, while the forecast was voiced at some 184,000. As for the unemployment rate,  it did not changed and stayed at 4.1% as anticipated. The hourly income added 0.3% in January.

As it was reported, the US dollar got also support from the results of the recent Federal Reserve meeting.  Specifically, it was stated the inflation rate might go up in 2018, which fueled anticipations of interest rate upward revision under Jerome Powell.

The US Dollar index hiked to 88.92 (0.50% up) today.

The euro and sterling has kept softening against US dollar – EUR-USD was seen at 1.2465 and GBP-USD – 1.4348.

AUD-USD and NZD-USD were at 0.7952 (1.08% down) and 0.7324 (0.99% down) respectively. USD-CAD reached 1.2353 (0.73% up).

The JPY-USD keeps slackening, so USD-JPY rose 0.70% to 110.16; a similar development is shown by fracn – USD-CHF moved up to 0.9303 (0.40% up).

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Bitcoin maintains negative performance falling below $8,000
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