US dollar differently directed at week end

Posted 27 September, 2019

The American currency has followed different trends at the end of the week. The US dollar got stronger vs the euro but lost some grounds in the pair with the Japanese yen.

According to the market data, the euro-to-US dollar exchange decreased to some $1,0910 during today's trading, while yesterday's session was closed at $1.0921.

At the same time, the greenback got weaker against the yen. The exchange rate was recorded at 107.79 (107.83 earlier). The British currency mostly maintains positions. The pound sterling rate was $1.2327 ($1.2328 yesterday).

The market remains focused on the political situation in the USA and an ongoing trade war.

Investors express some optimism regarding the upcoming round of talks between Washington and Beijing. The parties are expected to hold a meeting in Washington in early October.

Notably, the US President Donald Trump stated that the trade agreement could be signed even earlier than the majority expected. 

Another point of concerns is the impeachment that was started this Wednesday. The procedure was announced this Wednesday and will be aimed at determining whether there are reasons for impeachment or not.

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Oil prices dropped on Friday amid the reports about oil production recovery in Saudi Arabia. November futures for Brent oil on London ICE Futures were priced at $62.30/bbl with further strengthening to some $62.50/bbl. For reference, the previous session was closed at $62.74/bbl

 Oil gets cheaper, Saudi Arabia restores production at high pace

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The company became highly concerned about criminal transactions especially once the Financial Action Anti-Money Laundering Development Group (FATF) had approved recommendations for the supervision of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bittrex boosts crypto transaction monitoring
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