US dollar comes to month and a half peak on positive outlook

Posted 01 March, 2018

The US dollar remains at the peak levels over more than a month. The currency is still bolstered by the statement of Jerome Powell made these days, news report reads.

During the first speech, the Federal Reserve Chairman said that the central bank intended to gradually raise the interest rate.

Jerome Powell commented that the economic outlook is still good, and further upward revision of the interest rate will be the right way to the Bank's targets. As it was reported earlier, Jerome Powell came into office this month, so this is his first speech in the Congress, and it was quite optimistic yesterday noting positive state of US economy. 

Today the market is waiting for the second speech of Jerome Powell in the Senate. 

The US Dollar index hiked to 90.72 today.

The euro to US dollar changed just slightly to 1.2184. the sterling plunged to 1.3731 today.

The American currency improved against yen and franc coming to 106.78 and 0.9454 respectively. At the same time, Australian dollar lost 0.55% vs the greenback to 0.7718, while its counterpart from New Zealand was generally stable at 0.7205.

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01 March, 2018 16:03

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Nano coin joins top-20

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US regulator initiates ICO inspection →

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched an inspection of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as a way to attract investments in cryptocurrency, as reported The Wall Street Journal. The Commission is said to request many companies and consulting agencies in this sector to provide an information on ICO that were held and token pre-sale terms.

US regulator initiates ICO inspection
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