US dollar changes slightly at Asian session

Posted 05 June, 2018

The American currency has shown almost no changes at the Asian session, staying at some 94. At the same time, the Australian counterpart remained downward directed on the interest rate decision of the Reserve Bank of Australia. The yen decreased affected by weak household spending data in the country.

The US Dollar Index stayed above the 94 at some 94.06 for now. The rate peaked last Wednesday at 94.93 and managed to stay close to 94 since then.

Besides, the players also watch for the development of the US-North Korea summit issue. Specifically, the US administration has confirmed the date for the meeting of the US and North Korean leaders. According to the statement, the meeting is slated for June 12. Notably, the sanctions can be lifted only after North Korea completely abandon nuclear weapons, as commented the press secretary.

The US dollar-to-yuan exchange rate dropped to 6.4060. The PBOC has set reference rate at 6.4157 (6.4208 earlier). 

In South Korea, lower tensions have promoted a won rebound. Specifically, USD-KRW rate dropped to some 1.068,01. However, the rate has reversed by now reaching 1.072.

 The yen also slackened vs the greenback. The US dollar-to-yen rate was recorded at 109.87 this morning. The national currency weakening is related to weaker economic reports in Japan (household spendings decreased 1.3%, compared to the expected upturn of 0.8%).

The Australian dollar dipped to some 0.7647. The interest rate remained at 1.50% after the meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

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