US Coinbase rumoured to consider bitcoin-ETF

Posted 07 September, 2018

The key US-based crypto exchange – Coinbase – is reportedly considering possible adding of bitcoin-ETF. 

For that purpose, the company asked for consultations from BlackRock. Specifically, they plan to benefit from the experience of BlackRock's crypto team that was created last summer. 

For reference, BlackRock is a big player in the investment market, being one of the leading companies in the sector. It is possible that the companies remain its talks on this matter, though there are no details about the negotiations.

According to the avaiable data, BlackRock team is yet to provide Coinbase with any guidelines. Moreover, they are not highly interested in bitcoin-ETF for their own. Specifically, the company CEO stated earlier that this product did not attract their users.

As it was reported earlier, the American crypto company put on stream index fund for the US-based licensed investors, and now it seems that they target retail segment.

In fact, if the company will file the bitcoin-ETF application, it will join the team of Gemini, Bitwise Asset Management, VanEck that are still waiting for the approval of such assets. For reference, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected all applications to date.

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07 September, 2018 12:33

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Grayscale Investments dealing with crypto asset management inaugurated the ZEN investment trust that will provide services to accredited investors. According to the news reports, the new project will obviously accept only Zencash (ZEN). This coin features high privacy. It is worth mentioning that ZEN Trust is not the pioneer among the single-asset investment trusts of Grayscale.

Grayscale Investments announces Zen investment trust

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Selloffs push cryptos down, bitcoin below $6,500
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