US cities hit by hackers via stolen NSA program

Posted 27 May, 2019

Many offices in Baltimore, Maryland and other US cities have been reportedly hit by the series of hacker attacks. The hacks have been based on the EternalBlue program developed by the US National Security Agency.

The New York Times reported that thousands of mailboxes and computers were blocked in Baltimore. Attackers also managed to cause disruptions in the process of payment of utilities and real estate sales.

Along with Baltimore, hackers paralyzed the work of government agencies in several US cities from Pennsylvania to Texas using the EternalBlue.

The most vulnerable systems were attacked (factories producing vaccines, ATMs, airports, hospitals, shipping and railway companies). Cybercriminals want to get $100,000 in bitcoins. It is already known that the Baltimore authorities refused to pay.

For reference, EternalBlue was designed to deal with vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system. The data about it was released by the hacker group ShadowBrokers in April 2017. This technology was used during the attacks of the NotPetya and Wannacry viruses in May and June of the same year. The attack suspected North Korea and Russia. Also, the program is often used by hackers from China. 

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