Upbit Hack Update: A Chunk of Hacked Funds Have Moved to Binance

Posted 02 December, 2019

Hacked funds move again

On November 28, a hacker began to move stolen ETH to other addresses. As CoinGape previously reported, the hacker transferred 112,020 ETH worth more than $ 17 million to two addresses. Two newly created addresses start with 0x9A207194cb and 0x3408EdCa2d, respectively.

Soglasno poslednim obnovleniyam, ukradennyy ETH snova dvizhetsya. Soglasno CoinHolmes, adres, nachinayushchiysya s 0xe5fe63, videl peredachu 500 ETH na adres 0xad00f59e4105b5cb3b849c286bc0399eeabf183a. Adres, nachinayushchiysya s 0xad00f5, perevel bol'shuyu chast' etogo ETH v Binance. Krome togo, khaker po-prezhnemu «v dvizhenii dlya dal'neyshikh perevodov».

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „hackers“
According to the latest updates, the stolen ETH is moving again. According to CoinHolmes, an address starting with 0xe5fe63 saw a 500 ETH transmission to the address 0xad00f59e4105b5cb3b849c286bc0399eeabf183a. An address starting with 0xad00f5 translated most of this ETH into Binance. In addition, the hacker is still “on the move for further transfers.”

Many other exchanges, including OKEx, Huobi Global, KuCoin and Changelly, have also expanded their support for Upbit and shared that they will stop any hacked funds for their exchange. Now that Binance has received part of the hacked funds, it remains to be seen whether Binance will accept the notification of the transfer and freeze the funds.

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