United American Corp files lawsuit against number of crypto companies citing manipulations in BCH network

Posted 07 December, 2018

US-based United American Corp (UnitedCorp) reportedly filed a lawsuit against Kraken, Bitmain, Bitcoin.com, Rodger Ver and other individuals citing that they took part in the plan aimed at capturing control over BCH network.

The company has released the statement at its website saying that the above-mentioned parties are involved with the observed collapse of Bitcoin Cash market capitalization. They are said to study own interests ignoring other players.

The suit was submitted to US District Court for the Southern District of Florida on Thursday. UnitedCorp cited that "the defendants collectively engaged in unfair methods of competition and through a series of unconscionable, deceptive and unfair practices..."

The case is connected with the Bitcoin Cash hardfork that took place recently and led to the appearance of two competing networks. It was said that the defendants grab the control of Bitcoin Cash after its hardfork, which in fact conflicts with the consensus rules developed by Nakomoto. As a result, the market has become less confident in the network, the company believes.

At the same time, the company also added:

"A few days later on November 20th, the ABC development team planted a “poison pill” into the blockchain in the form of a “Deep Reorg Prevention” as well as other functionality in order to cement the control of the blockchain ledger. This intervention allows maintenance of control on future implementations and any related rule sets for future network upgrades."

As a result, UnitedCorp requires the court to ban the mentioned parties from carrying on activities that could harm Bitcoin Cash network. It also plans to receive a compensation for the losses, which will be determined by the court.

"In order to maintain confidence in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, no person or entity can be allowed to control them," stated the company CEO.

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