Twitter in turn blocks Russian media RT and Sputnik in Europe

Posted 03 March, 2022

The social network Twitter has, in turn, blocked the accounts of the Russian media RT and Sputnik in the European Union, the consequence of a ban decided by the Member States and which entered into force on Wednesday.

These two media are accused of being instruments of "disinformation" of Moscow in its war against Ukraine, according to the decision of the member states of the EU.

It is now impossible to consult the various Twitter accounts of RT and Sputnik. When we try, the mention "Account with restricted access" is displayed.

It is followed by the message: this account "has been suspended in Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Germany, Greece, Romania, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Austria, Luxembourg, Latvia, Denmark, Lithuania, Croatia, Estonia, Cyprus, France, Spain, Belgium, in response to a legal requirement".

According to the decision published on Wednesday in the Official Journal of the EU, the content of Sputnik and RT (ex-Russia Today) channels in English, German, French, and Spanish can no longer be broadcast on television networks and on the internet.

Even before its official entry into force, internet giants had taken the lead: Facebook and Instagram (Meta group) announced on Monday that they were blocking content published by RT and Sputnik in EU countries, followed on Tuesday by Youtube.

Separately, Twitter added the words "State-affiliated media, Russia" to the personal Twitter account of RT journalists.

In France, a country that has the specificity of being the only EU Member State to host a subsidiary of RT on its soil, this mention was also affixed to the accounts of former journalists of RT France.

This mention amounts "to branding the personal accounts of certain journalist colleagues", worried in a press release the section of the SNJ (National Union of Journalists) to RT France.

She denounced a "witch hunt" and reported "physical threats received by several members of the editorial staff".

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