Tron plans to launch TRC20-USDT 2.0

Posted 16 July, 2019

The Tron coin, led by Justin Sun, announced the start of its work on the TRC20-USDT 2.0 incentive plan. The statement covered the development of the architecture and the main statistics Tron achieved over the last week. The company released its weekly Tron report this Monday. 

According to the report, Tron has developed a new data collection project, combining static and dynamic data. Next week there will be a new design structure with a new solution for blockchain deployment.

The report states:

“Tron block height exceeded 10.87 million and the total number of nodes clocked in at 1065. The total number of Tron real-time accounts reached 3.282 million while 32,206 new addresses were added this week. The total number of transactions reached 497b million while the number of new transactions amounted to 6.09 million.”

The company also announced plans to launch the TRC20-USDT 2.0 Incentive Plan, which will be launched with a reward of 200 million yuan. Tron will work with popular digital asset exchanges to provide users with a premium interest rate paid in TRC20-USDT for free.

“We hope to encourage users to exchange the USDT in their balance with TRC20 USDT. The campaign is set to run till mid-August. Holders of TRC20  USDT can get token airdrop as returns on a daily basis, and the annualized return date can be as high as 100 percent."

The resolution of the incentive problem TRC20 USDT has been postponed indefinitely.

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