opens crypto exchange of the same name

Posted 24 July, 2018

Swiss-based next-generation project has reportedly opened a cryptocurrency trading platform of the same name. For now, the new asset is running in test mode with 1,000 pre-selected users. However, the company plans to open access in the future.

The new exchange will initially provide services for the trading of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and TradeToken. According to the company, they intend to expand services with cryptocurrencies, forex assets, stocks and bonds in the long-run.

According to the reports, the company has created the list of all new registered users and they will get access to trading once they take turns. Notably, as the company highlighted, this is the only fully customizable exchange and has open-code on GitHub.

"The Exchange has been designed to give power back to customers by democratizing and disrupting the financial industry. What we are doing here is recapturing revenue and distributing it back to customers. With the help of our team of experts in the FinTech and blockchain sectors, we have created the future of crypto exchange here today," noted the company CEO Jim Preissler. 

The ICO ending this January generated more than $31 billion and sold 65.7 million TradeToken. 

As it was reported earlier, Huobi also announced a new service – Huobi Cloud at which users will be able to create their own trading platforms based on Huobi.

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25 July, 2018 11:03

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US SEC reschedules Direxion ETF determination till September

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