Top German Bank predicted price of bitcoin in 2020

Posted 02 October, 2019

Bayerische Landesbank specialists published a study in which they talked about possible changes in the cost of bitcoin in 2020. According to experts, the main catalyst for the formation of the price tag will be the halving of the main coin. The method of research is the ratio of reserves and growth, as well as models of Seyfedin Ammus and the popular analyst Plan B.

'' Is Bitcoin outshining [email protected] introduced the stock-to-flow approach to Bitcoin. It serves to quantify the “hardness” of an asset. We took the quantitative model of @100trillionUSD (using Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow ratios to explain its market value) for a spin ourselves.'' - tweeted BayernLB.

In May 2020, the reward for the extraction of one block on the blockchain will be reduced to 6.25 bitcoin. Specialists believe that the technique is quite convincing in terms of econometrics and heuristics. They are confident that bitcoin, as an asset, is very similar to gold, and after halving in 2020, the asset will demonstrate an identical ratio of reserves and growth.

Analysts believe that the price of bitcoin after halving will reach $90,000, but emphasize that the forecast may not be accurate.


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