TON Labs and Wirecard team up targeting new payment platform

Posted 18 April, 2019

Telegram Open Network TON Labs and Wirecard have reportedly signed a partnership agreement to develop a new service platform.

The developer of different solutions for the project Telegram Open Network TON Labs and Germany's fintech company Wirecard intend to create a new platform that will be aimed at providing digital, financial and banking services, as the German partner said in the press release as of April 17.

Both companies reportedly expect that their scalable decentralized solutions will be a good foundation for innovations in the TON and Telegram ecosystems.

"We are excited to be partnering with TON Labs. Their immense experience in highly scalable technology and decentralized solutions, as well as the strong global growth of Telegram messenger, will be instrumental for the success of our joint program," commented Georg von Waldenfels, Executive Vice President, Group Business Development at Wirecard

Speaking about the potential projects, it was mentioned in the press release the platform would include innovative payment solution, banking and financial services along with a blockchain-infrastructure foundation for the projects that want to support and promote further growth of the TON.

As Aleksander Filatov, Managing Partner at TON Labs commented, Telegram expansion with TON blockchain will bring a wider range of business opportunities. 

At the same time, the companies refused to provide more details regarding their cooperation, adding that all the information will be disclosed step-by-step in the course of the project.

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